About Axarlis' Greek Pizza

Established in 1988

We opened our doors in this location on April 16th, 1988, but that first year was touch and go. Getting established was more difficult than we thought it would be. There were severalwell established pizza places in the neighborhood. Somehow we kept the doors open and business started to improve.

Word of Mouth

I guess word spread about our unique taste tentalating pizza and a steady flow of customers began to appear each week. We added gyros to our menu right away and they were an instant hit for the lunch crowd. Kabobs were also added and we saw an even greater increase in traffic.

Stone Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Stone Wood Fire Oven

Ol' Betsy they call her. she's been in the restaurant since day one and will out last us all. The wood fire and the open-hearth stone oven lend to the flavor of the pizza and kabobs. Plus she gives the place atmosphere since she can be seen by our patrons.

Tastebud Sensations

Greek Pizza
Beef or Lamb Kabobs
Beef or Lamb Gyros
Artichoke Spinach Salad